Sanatana GoswamiSri Sanatana Goswami (the elder brother of Sri Rupa Goswami and Anupama) appeared in 1488 in a Sarasvata brahmana family in Bengal. He and his brothers were always absorbed in bhava bhakti from early childhood. He and his brother were forced to serve the Muslim government. After Lord Chaitanya visited Ramakeli and freed them, they renounced everything for His service. They traveled extensively through Vraja mandala discovering many lila sthanas of Radha-Madhava. Having no fixed residence, they would catch a few winks of sleep (no more than one and a half hours per day) under a tree or bush. Sri Rupa and Sri Sanatana Goswami spent all their time writing, discussing Krishna's pastimes and chanting Krishna's Holy Names. The Radha-Madana Mohana mandir established by Sanatana Goswami was the first one opened in Vrindavana by the six Goswamis. In the form of Labanga manjari, Sanatana Goswami serves Srimati Vishakha-sakhi in Radha-Madhava's nitya nikunja-lila. Sanatana Goswami's samadhi is behind Radha Madana Mohana's Temple.
Quotes by Sanatana Goswami

Merits Derived from Chanting

Even if one distributes ten million cows in charity during an eclipse of the sun, lives at the confluence of the Ganges and Yamuna for millions of years, or gives a mountain of gold in sacrifice to the brahmanas, he does not earn even one hundredth part of the merit derived from chanting Hare Krishna.

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