Mahatma Prabhu on Focus on Your Goals

Where you are looking to go and the direction you are moving in is more important than where you are presently standing. A man is judged by his ideals.

Jananivas Prabhu on The Deity Form of The Lord

You want to see God through your material eyes, so God manifests through matter in the form of a deity.

A delayed decision is better than a wrong decision.

Forgiveness is often illogical and unnatural because you are confronted with forgiving an “unforgivable” act. Yet anger, blame and revenge only make your pain worse. Forgiveness is the only medicine that will relieve your pain.

Grudge for some one means you drink poison and expect the other person to die.

A humble servant of the spiritual master is the best preacher.

Compromise with details may make a person deviate from the principles.

There are many in this world, and specially in India, who think wealth & power can make a person happy. For them I say,  I am comming right from that point, down the road, there is  nothing!

Another person cannot cause you to hate or resent him unless that hatred and resentment is already within you. They are just showing you what you need to work on.

Natural life is when the power of love forces you to always do the right thing.