Krishna is the supreme personality of godhead and cause of all causes. He is original creator, maintainer, and annihilator of all universes. Lord Brahma and Lord Rudra are empowered secondary agents under the instructions of Krishna. 

One Should Always Remember

One should always remember that he is eternally a servant of Krishna. Whether one is engaged in material activity involving pounds, shillings and pence or is in the renounced order, he should always think that he is an eternal servant of God, for that is the real position of the living being. Taking Sanyasa and dealings in Pounds, shillings and pence are both external affairs. In any condition, one should always consider how to please and satisfy Krishna. Thus, even if one is involved in great material affairs, he will not become attached. As soon as one forgets that he is an eternal servant of Krishna, he becomes involved in material attachments. However, if one is always conscious that Krishna is always the Supreme master and that he is an eternal servant of Krishna, he is a liberated person in any condition. Entangling material activities will not affect him.

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