Lord ChaitanyaLord Chaitanya, who is none other than Lord Krishna himself, was born in Mayapur in the town of Nadia just after sunset on the evening of the 23rd Phalguna (1407 Sakadba), answering to the 18th of February 1486 of the Christian Era. Jagannatha Misra was his father and Saci devi was his mother. At the age of 24, he took sannyasa from Keshava Bharati. Lord Chaitanyaperformed many transcendental pastimes in Mayapur, Jagannath Puri, Vrndavana and in other place in India. Chaitanya Charitamrta, which was written by Krishna Dasa Kaviraja Goswami, is the most accurate, authentic, and philosophical biography of Lord Chaitanya.
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Benefits of Chanting The Holy Name

In this Age of Kali, the holy name of the Lord, the Hare Krishna mantra, is the incarnation of Lord Krishna. Simply by chanting the holy name, one associates with the Lord directly. Anyone who does this is certainly delivered.

Three Great Riches of Life

In Vedic literature Krishna is the central point of attraction and His service is our activity. To attain the platform of love of Krishna is life's ultimate goal. Therefore Krishna, Krishna's service and love of Krishna are the three great riches of life.

The Vedic Literatures

The vedic literatures composed by the Mahamuni Vyasadeva are evidence of all spiritual existence. Only through these revealed scriptures can all conditioned souls attain knowledge.


One who does not accept the transcendental form of the Lord is certainly an agnostic. Such a person should be neither seen nor touched. Indeed, he is subject to be punished by Yamaraja [the lord of death]. 

Punishment by Maya

Forgetting Krishna, the living entity has been attracted by the external feature from time immemorial. Therefore the illusory energy [maya] gives him all kinds of misery in his material existence. In the material condition, the living entity is sometimes raised to higher planetary systems and material prosperity and sometimes drowned in a hellish situation. His state is exactly like that of a criminal whom a king punishes by submerging him in water and then raising him again from the water.

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