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Please Understand

Bhaktivinoda Thakur on Please Understand

My friend, you are being washed away in material nature's waves of time. Please try to understand that you are the eternal servant of the Lord. Then everything will stop and you will stop and you will be eternally happy.

Objective of Life

Marriage with a view to peaceful and virtuous life and with a view to procreate servants of the Lord is a good institution for a Vaisnava. Spiritual cultivation is the main object of life. Do everything that helps it and abstain from everything that thwarts the cultivation of the spirit.

Proper Understanding

A person who can understand that the Absolute Truth can exist with form and variety in a pure transcendental state can properly see that Vishnu, His name and His qualities are all one and inseparable from Him. This concept of Krishna with personality is actual knowledge. With this understanding one can take to chanting the holy name, knowing that it is Krishna Himself.