Quotes from Hari Bhakti Vilasa

Worshiping Lord Narayana

Any person who offers lotus flowers to Lord Narayana, the dearest personality of Laksmidevi in the month of Karttika, Laksmidevi resides with him for hundreds of births.

Worshiping Govardhan Hill

On the first day of the light part of the month of Karttika, a Vaishnava should certainly worship the topmost servant of Lord Krishna, Sri Govardhana hill, early in the morning.

Bathing in Radhakunda

In the beautiful Govardhana area there is Radhakunda (a lake of radharani) which is very dear to Lord Sri Hari. One, who takes bath in it on the eighth day of the dark moon night of Karttika, becomes very dear to Lord Sri Hari.

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