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Fall Down

Even after coming to the Bhava stage, Jada Bharata did the slightest mistake. Little compassion towards a deer. Even in bhava stage. Who is here in bhava stage, please raise hand.

Formula for Purity

To do devotional service, to chant attentively, one has to be pure in mind. To be pure in mind, one has to be pure in action. To be pure in action, one has to be pure in what he eats and with whom he associates.


One has to be fortunate to see or meet the lord. If you see, in a dream Krishna or deity, He may ask you, you told Me you will give me mango, where is my mango? You have to be fortunate, you have to be pure. These things are happening.

Vaishnava Platform

1. Ultimately a vaishnava is greater than brahmachari, grihastha or sanyasi. He is a parama-hamsa. Other things are external.

2. Even if you have brahminical qualities, it is of no use unless you become a devotee of Krishna.

3. Now I have become a brahmachari, I have become a sanyasi. And then disappear. What is this? Everyone will face the test. Are you a brahmin? Do you have the brahminical qualities? You are a sanyasi? Do you have the sanyasi’s qualities? Krishna will see that only.