Ambition of Devotees

They are very enthusiastic to sell more and more Coca-cola. They are always thinking how to increase our business: "When will that day come when there isn't a person in the world who isn't drinking Coca-cola every day?" They are always meditating, always ambitious. So, devotees should be similarly ambitious: "When will that day come when there is not a person in the world who is not chanting Hare Krishna?"

Lecture on Real Success Stories Are in Srimad-Bhagavatam (SB 8.4.15; Ljubljana, Slovenia, 26 Dec 1998)

Wish of Prabhupada

Prabhupada very much wanted that devotees come and live together. Of course he wanted them to also farm the land, protect cows and show a different kind of lifestyle by which people can live together simply without unnecessary things.

Lecture on “Simple Life on Farm Communities” (Pula Farm, Croatia, 20 October 2000)

Devotee’s Desire

Devotee wants to be completely controlled by Krishna. In being conquered by Krishna, our love awakens and in that state Krishna is conqured. You can not conquer till you are conquered.

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