Reciprocating With Krishna

Krishna is within your heart.  If you kindly continue to hear about Him, as you are doing, then Krishna will be very much pleased.  “Oh, this person is now interested in me” because nobody is interested in Krishna, so Krishna is also silent to them. However, as soon as you become interested, Krishna becomes very active.  “Oh, he is trying to do something.  I shall help him.”

Rendering Service to The Lord

When one's mind is attached to Krishna, one can fulfill the mission of life in one human birth. If one misses this opportunity, one does not know where he is going, how long he will remain in the cycle of birth and death and when he will achieve the human form of life and the chance to return home, back to Godhead. The most intelligent person, therefore, uses every moment of his life to render loving service to the Lord.

Real knowledge

The servants of the Lord are actually the servants of society. They are interested in imparting knowledge of the relationship of the living being with the Supreme Lord, the activities in that transcendental relationship and the ultimate goal of human life. That is the real knowledge which can help society achieve the real aim of human welfare.

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