Sankirtan Movement

“The first he called ‘Sankirtan Movement,’ referring to the Holy Names and books, the second ‘Deity Worship Movement,’ referring to establishing temples and Deities, the third ‘Spiritual Initiation Movement,’ referring to congregational preaching, and the fourth ‘Classless Society Movement,’ referring to the Varnashrama mission.”


Ashrama, meanwhile, refers to four spiritual classes—brahmachari (student life), grihastha (householder life), vanaprastha (retired life) and sannyasa (renounced life). These four ashramas exist to help us move towards Krishna consciousness and a natural and gradual detachment from the material world.


The clear understanding is this: sanatana dharma (activities of the pure spirit soul, devotional service to Lord Krishna) and varnasrama dharma (activities of the conditioned soul through the four varnas and the four asramas) go hand in hand, or as Srila Prabhupada so brilliantly states above “the one without the other has no meaning.”

City Temple

“It’s not possible to make Vrindavana villages in the cities. We must look out of the box, beyond our city temples”.

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