Building Proper Character

Every person of high character, the brahmanas, ksatriyas, vaisyas and sudras should engage in Brahmacharya life. Nowadays modern education neglects the character development as it doesn't give an opportunity to live as brahmachari. Actually everyone should live some years as bramacari properly trained up in the dharma. After that they may remain as bramachari or become sannyasi or they can marry and continue their activity as a devotee grhastha. This is the system handed down since time immemorial and followed in Krishna conscious movement also. This training of serving in the ashram is very important as it builds up the proper character.

Passport to Get Out of This Material World

Desire is most powerful and subtle. Due to desire people become president , go to jail, marry or divorce. Due to desire everything that  is happening is happening in this world with Krishna's sanctioning because everybody is desiring imperfectly no one is satisfied and the more there is uncontrolled material undirected desire the is the chaos. The passport to get out of this material world is pure desire which can be cultivated.

Goal of Our Life

The Lord comes in a different form or partial form in order to deliver his devotees and generally he is always telling us how to surrender and how to serve him. If one directly serves the Lord with no condition, unconditionally "I am serving you Lord for Your pleasure, I want me to do what you want me to do". If we do things in that way the amazing thing is that the Lord becomes very pleased with us. The Supreme Lord has given us everything, what can we do for him? When we appreciate how great he is and feel grateful, that is the beginning of pure devotion. Pure devotion should be the goal of our life.

Team Efforts

The Lord is more pleased when we make a team effort. The idea is to work together whether we are god brothers or god sisters, same diksha guru or shiksha guru, cousin brothers and sisters working under Prabhupada's movement, the success will be how we cooperate together, that pleases Krishna. He sees that we are sacrificing our own ego, our own selfish interests to work together. Working together means always some adjustments everybody has the nature all the nature doesn't combine perfectly so we tolerate many things we try to see the good quality in others and we try to ignore the negative aspects one has for the higher purpose . This  is the integration through cooperation, through communication and understanding through love.

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