Receiving The Desired Things

Krishna does many things, if you want something constructive and something useful he wiil give it to you but then he will also see whether you are ready for it . So it takes time sometimes to get the blessings of Krishna, it doesn't come when we want it, they come when we are ready for it.

Categories of Disciples

Following instructions is a basic standard requirement. If we don't follow the instructions, we are considered to be a fallen disciple. If we follow the instructions then we are considered to be madhyam-disciples, if we do it fairly well. If we are able to understand what the spiritual master wants, even without him, giving instructions, then he is considered uttama-disciple.

Worshiping The Supreme Lord

People want to enjoy sense gratification in higher level, then they are put into some kind of suffering. There is no use rotating around in the material world to be happy because we will be always forced to suffer. So the instruction in Bhagavatam is to worship the Supreme Lord because the Lord doesn't have any defect. If we worship him and if we are self realized that is the real goal of life and not the heavenly enjoyment.

Following Vaishnava Etiquette

One may get liberation very easily, but love of Krishna is very difficult actually. For pure love of Krishna, one has to avoid offending the holy name and the vaishnavas. Also to avoid offences you need to observe the proper Vaishnva Etiquette. The etiquette is actually there to help us to avoid committing an offense.

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