Reversals in Life

The reversals experienced in life are actually the opportunities which could impel us to sincerely, with all humility, take shelter of the Supreme Lord.

Holy Name of the Lord

No matter how much we fight and pray to control our senses and lead a moral life, our envy, greed and lust will keep coming back, unless the holy name of the Lord actually goes right into our heart.


Death is like a storm which will sink everything in the river of time (the boat is the human body).

True Love

Love is a state of complete, uninhibited, unconditional giving away of every aspect of our very existence for the pleasure of the object of our love, both within and without.

Revelation of God to Us

When one’s heart is purified by the association of devotees and by the avoidance of the offenses committed while chanting and worshiping the Lord, the transcendental name, form and activities of the Lord are revealed by the Lord.

Chanting and Dancing

When love increases for the holy name of Lord Krishna, then automatically our hesitation for chanting and dancing ends. As chanting the holy name and dancing on the holy name are not different from Krishna.


We must become strongly established in the holy name. Naam Sankirtana is the only thing which goes back with us and it is possible till the end of our last breath.

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