A devotee should live according to the situation that, he is put in, they have to live, some may be in a wealthy situation, some may be in poverty, some may be in middle, whatever situation we may be, we should be very responsible to be Krishna conscious. Krishna doesn't recognize us because we are poor or rich. He recognises us how we are engaging in Krishna's service.

Real knowledge

The servants of the Lord are actually the servants of society. They are interested in imparting knowledge of the relationship of the living being with the Supreme Lord, the activities in that transcendental relationship and the ultimate goal of human life. That is the real knowledge which can help society achieve the real aim of human welfare.


Krishna can do anything. He can make the impossible endeavors of his devotees possible. Krishna can empower him because he is the supreme controller.


The consideration of becoming a devotee is the association and guidance of a devotee. Love of God is the real source and when one abandons that loving real relationship of God, he suffers.

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