Building Temples

Bhakti Charu Swami on Building Temples

We are building temples and developing projects, they are not just buildings or structures. These projects are meant for helping you make spiritual advancement. These projects are meant to bring you closer to Krishna.

The Purpose of Saintly People

Radhanath Swami on The Purpose of Saintly People

The purpose of saintly people is to teach society how to utilize their talents, their gifts and their particular position to become liberated rather than become entangled and how they can do great benefit for the world rather than add to the world’s problems.

Whats your story

Mahatma Prabhu on Whats your story

What happens to you is not what affects you.It is what you tell yourself that happens to you (your story of what happened) that affects you.
The power to change often lies in one thing: the power to change your stories.

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