Love of Krishna

Prabhupada says that you have to feel separation from Krishna. Bhakti Siddhanta Thakur says, “If father has to teach the son how to love father-mother, this will be too much. He should know”. We should know. Is Krishna not our father? We should ask ourselves. Except Krishna and acharyas, no one is our real well – wisher. We have to have some realisation.

Real Business

Our business is to develop attachment to Krishna. This so called, I distributed this many books, I become this, is all temporary. Actually a devotee wants to become a humble servant of Krishna, pure devotee. That’s all.


Krishna doesn’t see, are you a brahmacari, Grihastha, Vanaprastha or X,Y,Z, He sees how much you are attached to Him.

Attraction to Krishna

After doing one’s dharma, whatever it may be, if he does not develop love of Godhead, attraction to Krishna’s name, beauty, pastimes, he will understand whatever he got is nothing but only waste of labour, useless

Real Dharma

Purpose of dharma is to develop attachment to God, His name, His form, His beauty, His pastimes, His dham, so that one can go back to Him (Krishna). That is real dharma

Negative Attachment

If we have got even iota of attachment to anything other than Krishna, we have to go there. We cannot go back to Godhead.

Positive Attachment

1. Bhakti means to develop attachment towards Krishna, anything relating to Krishna. Bring complete attachment towards Krishna & go back to Godhead & have picnic there with Krishna, eating with Madhumangal or Nityananda prabhu’s nice Chidha-dahi festival. No disease, be always happy & blissful there.

2. Are you completely attached to Krishna and Karshana, things related to Krishna?

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