To recognize that He is the Supreme, we have to develop our mentality and that is why worshipping him is necessary because we are preparing our mentality to accept Him.

Principle of Renunciation

The true principle of renunciation is to be without false pride, to surrender to the principle that I am simply the instrument of God and to do the will of God till the last breath.


The Devotee's Mood : Everything is for Krishna, Nothing for me and whatever comes, its Krishna's mercy, Krishna's Prasad.


Spiritual life is not dry, it is also exceuted happily, 'susukham'. The result of that is not just happiness, but bliss, spiritual joy.

Spiritual Base

People who can bring about the greatest social changes are those who have a spiritual foundation in their lives. So if you want to make a difference in the world, you have to have a spiritual base.

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