1. Sadhana means you have to do some tapasya. Tapasya means to do what you don’t like.

2. Bhaktivinoda Thakur said, “don’t get frustrated, stick to it!

Spiritual Attachment

1. Bhakti means developing attachment to Krishna & Karshana, service to Krishna and His devotees. Hearing, chanting, remembering Krishna’s name, form, pastimes.

2. Someone was saying, “Maharaja! I am coming to vrindavan again and again.” That is good. It means he has got some attachment. Now we have to see this attachment should get thicker and thicker & we become detach from material world.

3. Bhakti relates to heart. Heart relates to attachment. To develop bhakti, you have to develop attachment to Krishna and Karshna.

Setting Goal

Our goal is how to become Krishna conscious, to associate with sadhus, to become attached to Krishna, to serve Krishna.”

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