Krishna is everywhere, Krishna is in everything. Srimad-Bhagavatam gives us that knowledge by which we can see Krishna everywhere and in everything, and understand where we are now and where we have to move to, by a scientific process — scientific process in the sense that if we follow the stipulations, then we get the result; and if we don't, we don't get the result. If we chant the holy names of Krishna without offenses, niraparadhe nama laile paye prema-dhana, then we attain love of Krishna; and if we don't — if we chant the names of Krishna with offenses-then, bahu janma kare jadi sravana-kirtana tabahu napaye Krishna-pade prema-dhana: even if we supposedly chant the names of Krishna for many lifetimes, we won't attain love of Krishna.

Lecture on SB 3.6.32 – About the Four Varnas – Vyasa Puja 2008 – 5th Jan'08 – Tirupati

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