Becoming Visionary Leaders

If we want to be visionary leaders, we must, of course, learn to recognize them and support them. Visionary leaders have great qualities, which they develop through their interest in values, intuition and partnership with others. They can bring spiritual culture to our religious and political lives. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “I must first be the change I want to see in my world.” A visionary leader knows he must lead by example, and that his leadership will have a powerful impact on both present and future generations.

Reference: Leadership For an Age of Higher Consciousness, Volume 2 – Ten Characteristics of a Servant-Leader

Qualities of a Leader

A proper leader works with 
1)Integrity (does justified activities, does not justify after doing it)
2)Maturity ( Courage + Consideratness)
3)Nonenviousness (towards the fellow devotees).

Who Would Dare to Walk in Front of Him?

Whenever a dignitary such as Srila Prabhupada would walk, who would dare to walk in front of him?  A leader’s role is to set an example to lead others, and a true leader is shown respect befitting his position.

Leader’s Teachings

The revealed scriptures, like Manu-samhitha and similar other scriptures, are considered the standard books to be followed by human society. Thus, the leader’s teaching should be based on the principles of such standard saastras. One who desires to improve himself must follow the standard rules as they are practiced by the great teachers.  

Visionary Leaders

A visionary leader seeks to empower others. They continue to search for truth while maintaining their principle-centered focus. Visionary leaders have a good balance between right-brain and leftbrain thinking. The right brain is more feminine, nurturing, intuitive and creative; the left-brain is more masculine and “physical,” interested more in results. Visionary leaders often produce a host of solutions for social, economic and other types of problems.

Reference: Leadership For an Age of Higher Consciousness, Volume 2 – Ten Characteristics of a Servant-Leader

Leaders are Humble

Humility is the quality of a spiritualist. All good leadership is spiritual, even though materialists may not realize that. This is because good leaders try to bring out the best in people. It doesn’t matter what the organization or coalition, bringing out the best in others means celebrating their spiritual nature. Spiritual leaders address the ultimate point of human life—progress on the spiritual path, and teach their followers to reinstate themselves in devotional service to God.

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