Complication of Materialistic Life

Quotes by Srila Prabhupada on Complication of Materialistic Life

The complication of materialistic life is due to an uncontrolled mind and uncontrolled senses. The animal cannot control his senses, whereas the human being has the sense of decency & can control himself. By controlling the senses, one can understand the position of his self, the Supersoul, the world and their interrelation. Otherwise, we are no better than animals.

Building Temples

Bhakti Charu Swami on Building Temples

We are building temples and developing projects, they are not just buildings or structures. These projects are meant for helping you make spiritual advancement. These projects are meant to bring you closer to Krishna.

Holy Name

The holy name does not kill the demon. It kills the demonic tendency in the heart of the demon that awakens pure love with pure compassion of the soul.

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