The Real Art of Living

Radhanath Swami on The Real Art of Living

When we hear about the Lord, we should hear with a spirit to serve the Lord. When we chant his names, we should chant so that He is pleased to hear us chanting. That is the beauty of life, the real art of living.

Two Important Things

Forget Two Things, Remember Two Things:
1. Anything bad anyone has done to you. To the extent you are willing to forgive, God will forgive. Forgiveness is a great virtue.
2. Any good that you have done to another. If we remember our good deeds, we become proud, and that ruins everything. We should think that we are only delivery persons, delivering the goods God wants us to deliver. Ultimately it’s all done by God.

Building Strong Society

To the degree we could all live in a way that people can trust us, not just superficially but in actuality, we will have a very powerful and strong society.

Awareness of Present

We do not know about the future. The past is dead. However to prepare for our future and learn lessons from the past, we have to be very keenly aware of the present.

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