“Varnashrama is a combination of the two Sanskrit words “varna” and “ashrama”; varna refers to the social classes known in Sanskrit as brahmana (intellectual class), ksatriya (administrative and warrior class), vaisya (productive class) and sudra (worker class),” “Not to be confused with that modern perversion, the caste system, the varnas are closely connected with one’s natural aptitudes or inclinations, which help determine one’s future social occupation or profession in life. Traditionally in Vedic times, one would receive this training from a young age.”


The clear understanding is this: sanatana dharma (activities of the pure spirit soul, devotional service to Lord Krishna) and varnasrama dharma (activities of the conditioned soul through the four varnas and the four asramas) go hand in hand, or as Srila Prabhupada so brilliantly states above “the one without the other has no meaning.”

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