To keep Lakshmi, or the riches of the lord, without the service of the lord is always dangerous, for then Lakshmi becomes illusory energy. With Lord Visnu, however, Lakshmi is the spiritual energy.

Qualities of a Devotee

A pure devotee always thinks himself as a non-devotee. If one thinks he is a big devotee that is not good. We should not be puffed up. A devotee avoids it, remaining always in the second degree. Krishna has given everyone something extraordinary and to serve Krishna with one’s extraordinary talent means successful life.


Although the mind may work imperfectly at the time of death, Krishna gives a devotee shelter at His lotus feet. Therefore, when a devotee gives up his body, the mind does not take him to another material body. Rather, Krishna takes the devotee to that place where He is engaged in His pastimes. One’s consciousness, therefore, must always be absorbed in Krishna, and then one’s life will be successful. Otherwise, the mind will carry the soul to another material body.

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