Getting All Desires Fulfilled

One who fasts with one pointed intelligence on the day when the supreme Lord Sri Hari, who sleeps on a bed of the enemy of Garuda, goes to take rest in the milk ocean on the bed of Ananta sesa and also the day he gets up, gets all of his desires fulfilled.


Although Mathura (Vraja Area) is easily available on the earth and Karttika is easily attainable in the year, but oh, what a great misfortune in the side of human beings who are still suffering in the ocean of material existence. In the month of karttika, all of the places of pilgrimage, oceans, rivers and lakes come to Mathura area [but they do not take advantage of it.]

Dhruva Maharaj

Although a child, Dhruva Maharaja during the month of Karttika in the area of mathura worshiped Lord Sri Damodara and immediately became fixed in his devotion, became worshipable by Saunaka and the other sages and saw the Supreme Personality of Godhead face to face.

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