The Guru Must Be Careful

It is dangerous for a spiritual master to accept almost any aspirant. Although it is an aspect of mercy, it is dangerous. The danger also depends on the spiritual potency of the particular guru. Without sufficient potency, a few offensive or faithless disciples can lead to the guru’s fall.


Our spiritual lives revolves around service and relationships, but attitude is even more important than just the external service we render.

Essence of All Scriptural Injunctions

What is the essence of all the vidhi-nisedha or rules and prohibitions mentioned in the scriptures? The essence of all positive injunctions is to always remember the Lord. This ability to always remember God will lead us to the goal of recognizing Him as our well-wisher, greatest provider, and protector who is very magnanimously inviting all living entities back to their original home in the spiritual kingdom.

Put God in the Center

Nowadays, people begin to think that they need convenience rather than love—just marry someone who will take care of you. However, if a person puts God in the center, he or she will look for a partner who will assist in their spiritual evolution. You want to find a partner who will help you advance spiritually. If that type of relationship does not manifest, you have to realize that you do not have the right connection.

Reference: Spiritual Warrior VI: Beyond Fanaticism, Terrorism, and War – Discover the Peace Solution, Chapter 9

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