Beauty of Lord

Beauty of Lord

  It is the beauty, the Lord making Himself accessible to everyone, and we all, each one of us, have our very own Lord. In this form He can become our cherished property.

The Best Time to Chant

The morning section of the day is the foundation for the rest of the day and is considered the best time for bhakti. A businessman earns maximum profit when he runs his business during this period. Our business, as devotees, is to chant Hare Krishna and to attain Lord’s maximum mercy, thus,  we should chant in the morning.

Our Position in Relation to Krishna

You are female in relationship with the Lord that’s your position just surrender, you are meant for Lord’s enjoyment, you are to be enjoyed, not that your are enjoyer, this is when the spiritual life begins with this proper understanding, otherwise no one really understands who is who?

The Lord of Your Heart

By chanting of Hare Krishna, you have the Lord with you and He satisfies you. He pleases you. You are pleased with your Lord. He is also the Lord of your heart.


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