The False Ego – Leads to Doom

The man who is puffed up with his material position and does not bow down before the Deity of the Lord, must know that his so-called turban or crown will only succeed in further drowning him in the water of the ocean of material existence.

Upavasa (Fasting)

By mere refraining from food, Upavasa is not done. Upavasa means close to the Lord. This is called upavasa . Vasa or Nivasa means place of stay or place to reside. So Nivasa with Krishna is upavasa. Stay close to the Lord. That is real upavasa.

Chanting the Holy Names is a Vital Point

Keep up your endeavor for engaging in devotional service. Chanting the Holy Names is a vital point of devotional service. Be sure to improve on your quality of chanting.  All other services are strongly supported by chanting of the Holy Name.

Who Would Dare to Walk in Front of Him?

Whenever a dignitary such as Srila Prabhupada would walk, who would dare to walk in front of him?  A leader’s role is to set an example to lead others, and a true leader is shown respect befitting his position.

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