Vaishnava Platform

1. Ultimately a vaishnava is greater than brahmachari, grihastha or sanyasi. He is a parama-hamsa. Other things are external.

2. Even if you have brahminical qualities, it is of no use unless you become a devotee of Krishna.

3. Now I have become a brahmachari, I have become a sanyasi. And then disappear. What is this? Everyone will face the test. Are you a brahmin? Do you have the brahminical qualities? You are a sanyasi? Do you have the sanyasi’s qualities? Krishna will see that only.

Brahmana & Vaishnava

The degree of brahminical qualities tells how advanced you are. Then the question of becoming a vaishnava comes. Otherwise.. kanishthaha-adhikari. Summer salt. One day….Blup! Dived in the ocean of material existence. Doesn’t appear where he has gone. That is why, many come, few survive. Krishna will test all of us, each of us.

Symptoms of a devotee

1. Symptom of a devotee in pure love is that he will not hurt even an ant knowing thatKrishna is within his heart.

2. Devotee means he has no material desire.

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