Pray to Prabhupada

Grandfather is more generous towards you than father himself. You should sometimes pray to Prabhupada spontaneously. Pray to Prabhupada to give you pure devotional service.

Praying in Danger

The more you are in danger, more you are in difficulty, you can feelingly pray. But you are in ‘aaraam’, one who is in aaraam, he cannot feelingly pray to God. Yes or not? Yes! When you are crying, then you call Krishna feelingly. You are not crying, you are eating something you like enjoyable, you won’t cry that much feelingly, you won’t that feelingly call out for Krishna from the core of your heart. Yes or not?

Cry for Krishna

Cry for Krishna. Associate with devotees who cry for Krishna, then you will learn how to  cry for Krishna.

Pray Sincerely

1. Do proper sadhana. Bhajana must be strong. Pray feelingly to the Lord. Because of previous sinful activities, one may not be able to surrender completely. But if one prays sincerely, then Krishna will forgive him.

2. Never think negative. Always think positive. Always fill your mind with the thoughts of preaching Krishna consciousness. Always pray heart fully & sincerely to previousacharyas and the lord to give you ability to serve them. Cry before the lord secretly in the morning.

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