What to think?

If we would just think about how to advance in Krsna consciousness as much as we think about other things, overcoming the gross and subtle forms of sex would be a much less difficult task.

No Magic But Discipline

There is no easy path when it comes to sexual purity. Strong commitment to purity, coupled with self-discipline and strong sadhana are essential. Otherwise, sexual attraction is insurmountable. Even great sages fall prey to its allurement.

What Are You Missing?

Think about all that is being missed in our Krishna Conscious life just because we adhere to the one impurity called sexual impurity. Or conversely, think about what we could do more in Krishna Consciousness when we get rid of this impurity. We would be more enthusiastic and less offensive. We become angry & offensive when our desires are not fulfilled.

Be Satisfied With Yourself

Be satisfied with who you are. If you are not, you will tend to be jealous of others and unhappy with yourself. Be happy with the way Krsna made you and use the gifts He has given you to further your service.

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