On one hand some people say everybody is God. But why they don't accept God as God? They can’t accept God as God because if God is God then, they themselves can’t be God.


Just thinking 'I am not this body' is not going to serve the purpose. We simply have to be engaged in the service of Krishna that automatically will transcend the bodily platform and situate us in spiritual identity.


Always live in ISKCON and never leave ISKCON because ISKCON is the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada. Serve Srila Prabhupada in your whole life.


Determination should move mountains to make way for devotees to progress towards the lotus feet of Krishna.


Any real civilization is based on the principles of respect and gratitude. On the basis of that respect and gratitude, there is morality, charity, and compassion.

Relative Consciousness

Every thing in this world is neutral. Whether a thing is beneficial or destructive depends on the consciousness and character of the person utilizing it.

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