What is Envy?

What is envy? Envy means, “I want to be seen as important and great” and if anyone is a threat to my own egoistic ideas, then there is negativity towards that person.


Due to false ego and selfish disposition we find everyone as potential enemy.


By practice or by becoming sinless we will not become a pure devotee but by surrendering to Krishna we will become a pure devotee.


It is not that the moment one comes to the platform of devotion, he immediately achieves his perfection. Gradually by performing devotional service he comes to the platform of perfection.

The Cause of War

The false ego makes a person think, “I am the best, therefore my family must be the best, my caste must be the best, my home must be best, my religion must be best and everything about me must be best.” This misconception of ‘I and mine,’ is the cause of great wars all over the world today. Every one thinks they are the best.

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