Building Proper Character

Every person of high character, the brahmanas, ksatriyas, vaisyas and sudras should engage in Brahmacharya life. Nowadays modern education neglects the character development as it doesn't give an opportunity to live as brahmachari. Actually everyone should live some years as bramacari properly trained up in the dharma. After that they may remain as bramachari or become sannyasi or they can marry and continue their activity as a devotee grhastha. This is the system handed down since time immemorial and followed in Krishna conscious movement also. This training of serving in the ashram is very important as it builds up the proper character.

Significance of Good Character

In the modern setup of democratic states the citizens can have no cause for grievances, because the whole administration is conducted by the people themselves. If the people themselves are dishonest, the administrative machinery must be corrupt. Although a damned government of the people may be given a good or fancy name, if the people are not good they cannot have a good government, regardless of which party governs the administration. Therefore good character is the first principle for good government and equal distribution of wealth.

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