Mundane Education

Bhakti Vikas Swami on Mundane Education

Mundane educational qualifications are no evidence of genuine intelligence. Rather they are a certificate of a person’s stupidity or at least misfortune in having dedicated much time and energy in amassing information that has no intrinsic value.

Traditional Education

Traditional education is practically a thing of the past, something most of us have never even seen, what to speak of having lived or experienced such a life-style. We are generally totally ignorant of what itmay be or what it might have been. Whatever little we have heard about traditional education has often left us with negative impressions and reservations about it, as we were likely exposed to the so called short-comings and even “backwardness” of such an educational system.

Modern Education System

Modern education is to make one an educated moron with no idea of one's existential position.

Lecture on "Great devotees exhibited ecstasy but we shouldn't" – Salem – Nov'06

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