Attacks of Maya

All outside attacks of maya will make us stronger if we are sincere. But when she attacks from within – in the mind, when she drops the sees of dissent and envy, she creates a sense of competition, which ultimately results in a breakdown of love and trust and the mission is crippled.

Maya – An Ideal Task Master

Maya is an ideal task master. She is engaging everyone 24/7 very nicely. Everyone is working  so hard, day and night, putting extra time into their work, developing their businesses, expanding their empires. Akhanda karma. During festival seasons like Diwali, Christmas, Holi, etc, shops are open day and night. People are rushing everywhere – buying, giving & taking gifts, working…But if you  ask anyone to do akhanda harinama sankirtana, or akhanda ekadasi jagran for the pleasure of Krsna, it is impossible. Noone has any time. No one can find ways or means to. Nowadays even a five year old kid is so busy and has so much on the agenda that he has no time for God.

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