Controlling The Mind Naturally

Krishna is just like the Sun and maya is just like darkness. If the Sun is present, there is no question of darkness. Similarly, if Krishna is present in the mind, there is no possibility of the mind being agitated by maya’s influence. The yogic process of negating all material thoughts will not help. To try to create a vacuum in the mind is artificial. The vacuum will not remain. However, if one always thinks of Krishna and how to serve Krishna best, one’s mind will naturally be controlled.

Peace of Mind

If the mind is engaged properly in the service of Lord Krishna then the mind will become very peaceful and all the other senses will become very peaceful. When there is peace of mind, there will be peace in the individual jiva. In order to have real peace of mind, one must become a perfect Krishna Conscious person. By remembering the Lord’s mercy, the mind will become very calm and peaceful.


Although the mind may work imperfectly at the time of death, Krishna gives a devotee shelter at His lotus feet. Therefore, when a devotee gives up his body, the mind does not take him to another material body. Rather, Krishna takes the devotee to that place where He is engaged in His pastimes. One’s consciousness, therefore, must always be absorbed in Krishna, and then one’s life will be successful. Otherwise, the mind will carry the soul to another material body.

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