Real Preaching

Real preaching is through example. Speaking the philosophy without honestly being an example of the message falls into the category of karma-kanda according to Srila Bhaktisiddhanta. A proper devotee’s vacana (speech) should be in line with his pracara (behavior), and his sadacara (good behavior) ultimately is his real preaching.

Another Preaching

Building a big temple is a big endeavor. It's for preaching Krishna consciousness. But another preaching is to show – not only show, but to provide the facility by which people can live simply and chant Hare Krishna without any big burdens.

Lecture on "Living without Electricity" – Salem – 26th Nov'07

Importance of Preaching in Colleges

Its very important to preach in colleges because although they have lot of conditioning but they have not set their mind in a particular direction as yet, they are open and inquisitive. But once they get a profession they get accustomed to particular way of living, behaving etc.

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