Sense Control

Has anyone got control over three modes of material nature and the senses? Who can tell I have control over senses? It is only a devotee who controls senses. How? By engaging them in Krishna’s service, by surrendering in Krishna’s service.

Sense Control

When a person whistles then the whistle is one toned whistle. It may be sweet but only one toned. But when it comes in the contact with a lip whole and finger holes of a flute then it generates wonderful Ragas.Similarly Krishna is like that sweet whistle. But the devotees are like the finger holes. As soon as krishna comes in contact of the devotees then rasas are generated. Various sweet rasas.

Real Sense Control

Real sense control is to engage your senses in service of Hari, Guru and Vaisnava. Most other forms of self-manufactured austerities are only self-deluding.

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