Importance of Parikrama

Parikrama instills appreciation for devotional sentiments even within the heart of a neophyte devotee.Vraja Mandala Parikrama is a perfect test for one’s spiritual health.


Just as those who are greedy see everything as a source of money-making and those who are lusty see everything as conducive to sex, the most perfect devotee sees Narayana [Krishna] everywhere.

Material Success is Not Sufficient

There is a Vedic axiom that we can judge a tree by the fruit it bears. If this is a valid measure, then three strong contemporary indicators reveal that our way of life is a failure: widespread suicide, drug use and mental illness. All these factors point to a similar conclusion: maybe material success is not sufficient on its own.

Struggling with Maya

Struggle with maya is like "A football match". You may be winning by 20-0 till the end wistle blows but at the last moment Maya becomes heavy and match ends with 20-21. You may be loosing by 0-20 till the end wistle blows but at the last moment Krishna's infallible mercy becomes heavy and the match ends with 21-20.


1. A sadhu is known by his character, not by accomplishments.

2. In ISKCON, irrespective of one’s position, designation, achievements, we have to become an exemplary devotee like Jayananda Prabhu.

What’s Inside of You?

Another person cannot cause you to hate or resent him unless that hatred and resentment is already within you. They are just showing you what you need to work on.

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