Sravanam, or hearing, is the first step in acquiring transcendental knowledge. One should not give aural reception to unauthorized persons, but should approach the proper person, as recommended in Bhagavad Gita.

Suitable Boat For Crossing Ocean of Material Existence

For a person who is suffering in the fire of countless miseries and who desires to cross the insurmountable ocean of material existence, there is no suitable boat except that of cultivating devotion to the transcendental taste for the narrations of the Supreme Personality of Godhead’s pastimes.

Chanting The Holy Name and Glories of The Supreme Lord

As soon as a devotee can chant the holy name and glories of the Supreme Lord, he certainly comes to the liberated position.  Attachment for glorifying the Lord by hearing and chanting the holy name and activities of the Lord (Sravanam Kirtanam Visnoh) certainly brings one to the position where material contamination is absent.

Reciprocating With Krishna

Krishna is within your heart.  If you kindly continue to hear about Him, as you are doing, then Krishna will be very much pleased.  “Oh, this person is now interested in me” because nobody is interested in Krishna, so Krishna is also silent to them. However, as soon as you become interested, Krishna becomes very active.  “Oh, he is trying to do something.  I shall help him.”

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