Best Activity for Our Fingers

People want to play with their fingers and tantalize their eyes with Ipads, touch screens and play stations. Best to move your fingers on japa beads and fill your eyes with vraja-lila!

Impurity In All Of Us

Everyone says – "Chant these rounds, do this service, it's for your purification." What's the impurity? The impurity is our independence – not accepting that we are meant to serve Lord Krishna.

Cell Phones and Chanting

Will our parents or business or kids disappear if we turn off our cell phone while chanting? But surely our bhakti will disappear because if one drop of attention is on our phone, we are in maya. We are chanting inattentively and committing offense.

Is There Anything More Important?

Chanting is the most powerful way to become Krsna conscious. In fact, we cannot become fully Krsna conscious without chanting good quality rounds daily. Despite this fact, we often don’t take our Japa as seriously as we should.

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