Devotional Service

From association with devotees is born faith. From faith is born pure knowledge. From pure knowledge is born meditation. From meditation is born devotional service, which pleases Lord Krishna and destroys all sufferings.

Awakening Pure Devotional Service

A pure devotee is the supreme transcendentalist and one has to receive his mercy for one's dormant Krishna Consciousness to be awakened. One has to associate with pure devotees. If one has firm faith in the words of a great soul, pure devotional service will awaken.

Fortune of A Living Being

If, by the grace of the Lord and the great-souled devotees of the Lord, a living being becomes fortunate enough to associate with the unadulterated devotees of the Lord and gets a chance to hear the unadulterated glories of the Lord, certainly the flow of devotional service takes place like the flow of a river.

Weaknesses of The Heart

While performing devotional service in the association of pure devotees in full Krishna Consciousness, there are certain things which are required to be vanquished altogether. The most important thing one has to surmount is weakness of the heart. All the problems of material existence are due to these weaknesses of the heart.

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