Objective of Life

Marriage with a view to peaceful and virtuous life and with a view to procreate servants of the Lord is a good institution for a Vaisnava. Spiritual cultivation is the main object of life. Do everything that helps it and abstain from everything that thwarts the cultivation of the spirit.

Following Marriage Vows

Krishna will be very pleased, if you follow your vows for Him. We hope that people will take it very seriously, when they make this marriage vows, "That's what I am doing for Krishna." There is a pastime in Padma-purana were someone was following their marriage vows and Krishna came and took them all Back to Godhead, because they followed for Krishna.

Put God in the Center

Nowadays, people begin to think that they need convenience rather than love—just marry someone who will take care of you. However, if a person puts God in the center, he or she will look for a partner who will assist in their spiritual evolution. You want to find a partner who will help you advance spiritually. If that type of relationship does not manifest, you have to realize that you do not have the right connection.

Reference: Spiritual Warrior VI: Beyond Fanaticism, Terrorism, and War – Discover the Peace Solution, Chapter 9

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