Supremacy of Sankirtana

We are not much concerned about the temple because temple worship is not primary factor in this age. Primary factor is Sankirtana. But sometimes we want a center where people may gather and see, so a temple is required secondarily.
Letter to Mukunda – New Vrindaban 27 May, 1969.

Reason Why Sankirtana Is So Powerful

Harinama sankirtana means blending of the loving feelings of many devotees chanting in harmony. When devotees get together and chant Krsna’s holy names full of humility, attachment and love, everyone in that sankirtana party can absorb the various bhavas of one another. This is why sankirtana is so powerful.

Effects of Sankirtan

Prabhupada says that one time we should become like a child before the Lord. Spontaneously chant & dance, then you will find that a lot of dirty things are gone away from the heart.

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