Result of Intense Suffering

Reflect on a time in your own spiritual journey in which you felt abandoned by God. Although you initially felt this way, you later found out that not only had God not abandoned you, but He was actually giving you some special mercy during that time. We often experience depression or anxiety when we feel that the Lord has abandoned us or when we cannot understand the events in our lives. During such times you began to question God’s existence or His fairness. However, when you look back now, you realize the purpose of such events because they helped you elevate your consciousness. Often, the result of intense suffering is elevation in consciousness. Such suffering gives us the intensity to break through the last layers of mundane consciousness.

Worst Tragedy

The worst tragedy is that this uncontrolled mind steals our consciousness away from Krishna and that is the beginning, the essence of all suffering.

Not Being Disturbed When There is Suffering

When there is suffering given by Krishna, a devotee does not take seriously suffering.  A devotee thinks, “It is the favour of Krishna that He has put me into suffering.”  They  never see suffering as suffering.  It is favour of Krishna. That is a devotee’s vision. It is exactly like a son who knows his father well. If the father slaps, the son never protests. He knows that “It is good for me.”  Similarly, a devotee is never disturbed when there is suffering given by Krishna.

Cause of Suffering

If there is no enjoyment in this world, there would not be so much suffering. As suffering really is the frustration of our attempts to enjoy.

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