Not Being Disturbed When There is Suffering

When there is suffering given by Krishna, a devotee does not take seriously suffering.  A devotee thinks, “It is the favour of Krishna that He has put me into suffering.”  They  never see suffering as suffering.  It is favour of Krishna. That is a devotee’s vision. It is exactly like a son who knows his father well. If the father slaps, the son never protests. He knows that “It is good for me.”  Similarly, a devotee is never disturbed when there is suffering given by Krishna.

Cause of Suffering

If there is no enjoyment in this world, there would not be so much suffering. As suffering really is the frustration of our attempts to enjoy.

Cause of Suffering

Always think positive. Never think negative. No one is the cause of our sufferings. Only our karmas are the cause. So we must tolerate also.


Sufferings, troubles are the mercy of the lord. If everything is going normally, then heartful prayers will not come. You cannot pray mechanically.

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