Life is uncertain

Once I was giving a lecture and saying, “Life is uncertain”. Just then a bird came, touched the fan and fell down on the groud. Then I said, “This bird has sacrificed his life to prove my words”.


Ashrama, meanwhile, refers to four spiritual classes—brahmachari (student life), grihastha (householder life), vanaprastha (retired life) and sannyasa (renounced life). These four ashramas exist to help us move towards Krishna consciousness and a natural and gradual detachment from the material world.

Benefits of Chanting The Holy Name

In this Age of Kali, the holy name of the Lord, the Hare Krishna mantra, is the incarnation of Lord Krishna. Simply by chanting the holy name, one associates with the Lord directly. Anyone who does this is certainly delivered.

Krishna’s Greatnes

Who can be worthy of the name of the Supreme Lord but the Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna? Brahmaji collected the water emanating from the nails of His feet in order to award it to Lord Siva as a worshipful welcome. This very water [the Ganges] is purifying the whole universe, including Lord Siva.

Blaspheming Devotees

It is not easy to give up blaspheming devotees through determination only, thinking that just determination can work is illusion, its trap of maya. You fail, You hide and live in shame because Maya is more powerful than your determination.

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