Rectifying Our Faults

If something is dropped in the water or in the river, you cannot see the things dropped within the water by agitating the water. Just stand still for some time. As soon as the water is settled up, you will see the things as they are. So as soon as our enthusiasm is agitated, it is better to sit down in any temple suitable and chant Hare Krishna. There is no question of being disappointed. After all, we commit so many mistakes. That is human nature. To err is human. That is not the fault. But try to rectify with cool head.

Demigod Worship

For the living entity who desires to return to Godhead, material desires are impediments. A pure devotee of the Lord is therefore not awarded the material benefits desired by less intelligent living entities, who therefore prefer to worship demigods of  the material world rather than engage in the devotional service of the Supreme Lord.

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