Reading Vedic Literatures

A person who is constantly engaged in reading literature enunciating the cultivation of Vaisnava devotional service is always glorious in human society and certainly Lord Krishna becomes pleased with him. A person who very carefully keeps such literature at home and offers respectful obeisances to it becomes freed from all sinful reactions and ultimately becomes worshipable by the demigods.

Bhagavata Marga and Pancaratriki Viddhi

Srila Prabhupada on Bhagavata Marga and Pancaratriki Viddhi

Book Distribution is bhagavata marga and temple worship is pancaratriki viddhi. Both are important for cultivating Vaisnavism but comparatively speaking bhagavata marga is more important than pancaratriki viddhi. As far as possible both should go on in parallel lines but still bhagavata marga is more important than the other

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