Mood of The Chanter

Draupadi called out in all helplessness, and Lord appeared. So when the mood of the chanter is like Draupadi, then Lord definitely appears.

Ecstasy while Chanting

When you are chanting "Hare Krishna" the body may be breaking, the mind may be reeling but you should know for sure that the soul is in 'ecstacy'.

Revelation of God to Us

When one’s heart is purified by the association of devotees and by the avoidance of the offenses committed while chanting and worshiping the Lord, the transcendental name, form and activities of the Lord are revealed by the Lord.

Chanting and Dancing

When love increases for the holy name of Lord Krishna, then automatically our hesitation for chanting and dancing ends. As chanting the holy name and dancing on the holy name are not different from Krishna.

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